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Employment Eligibility Verification:

Form I-9 is a US Citizenship and Immigration Services form that must be completed by employers to verify the identity and work eligibility status of an employee in order for them to work in the United States. This must be done for all employees, whether they are a citizen or non-citizen, hired after November 6, 1986 in the United States, or hired after November 27, 2011 for employees in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. At Philly Mobile Notary Services, our expert team will fill out the I-9 form for you as an authorized representative. As a highly respected company operating in the Philadelphia area, we take pride in ensuring our customers receive the best service possible, and the service that we provide is carried out thoroughly and professionally. Choosing our service means you can trust that the forms will be filled in accurately, avoiding future stress and problems caused by small mistakes or inaccuracies, allowing you to focus on running your business whilst we handle the paperwork.


Our clients are our sole focus when it comes to providing excellent service and support. We care about our clients, which is why we are available to them 24 hours a day. We offer the fastest, most efficient service for the best prices to ensure that our clients trust us to do the job to a high standard without breaking the bank. When you choose us to complete your forms as your authorized representative, you can schedule the appointment and our agent will come to you at a time and a place which is most convenient for you; meaning you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to leave your home or your workplace.

Below, you will find several lists containing documents that can be used to establish an employee’s identity and/or employment authorization. When using our Form I-9 service, your employee will have to present some of these documents so that we have the information to carry out the form filling process properly. If you want to find out more about this service or any of the other services which we offer, you can contact us at any time and we would be delighted to assist you.



Documents that Establish Both Identity and Employment Authorization


The documents in this list establish both the employee’s identity and employment authorization. An employee needs only to present one of the following forms to satisfy the document requirement:

  1. U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card
  2. Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)
  3. Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa
  4. Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)
  5. For a nonimmigrant alien authorized to work for a specific employer because of his or her status:

Foreign passport; and Form I-94 or Form I-94A that has the following:

    1. The same name as the passport; and an endorsement of the alien’s nonimmigrant status as long as that period of endorsement has not yet expired and the proposed employment is not in conflict with any restrictions or limitations identified on the form
    2. Passport from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) or the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) with Form I-94 or Form I-94A indicating nonimmigrant admission under the Compact of Free Association Between the United States and the FSM or RMI


The documents in this list show the identity of the employee. If an employee does not have a document from List A, he or she must produce one document from List B, plus one document from List C (below).




Documents that Establish Identity

  1. Driver’s license or ID card issued by a State or outlying possession of the United States provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color, and address
  2. ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies or entities, provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color, and address
  3. School ID card with a photograph
  4. Voter’s registration card
  5. U. S. Military card or draft record
  6. Military dependent’s ID card
  7. U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  8. Native American tribal document
  9. Driver’s license issued by a Canadian government authority

For persons under age 18 who are unable to present a document listed above:

  1. School record or report card
  2. Clinic, doctor, or hospital record
  3. Day-care or nursery school record




Documents that Establish Employment Authorization


  1. A Social Security Account Number card, unless the card includes one of the following restrictions:




  1. Certification of report of birth issued by the Department of State (Forms DS-1350, FS-545, FS-240)
  2. Original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, municipal authority, or territory of the United States bearing an official seal
  3. Native American tribal document
  4. U. S. Citizen ID Card (Form I-197)
  5. Identification Card for Use of Resident Citizen in the United States (Form I-179)
  6. Employment authorization document issued by the Department of Homeland Security